By Lew Scholl

The 82nd Avenue Of The Roses Business Association is proud to endorse the Sustainable Transportation Walks on 82nd Avenue.

Sunday, March 9th at 2 PM

Lew Scholl,  Land Use and Transportation chair for the Montavilla Neighborhood Association, and a strong advocate for pedestrian improvements, initiated this project:

Sustainable Transportation Walks on 82nd Avenue are to acquaint people with the awareness that 82nd Avenue is now walkable and that together we can make it better for all modes of sustainable transportation. We invite you to join us in walking key sections of 82nd Avenue and we hope to inspire you to share your ideas and visions of what it can become. These walks will start at 2 PM on the second Sunday of most odd numbered months. The starting locations will be announced by email. To be on the list, email [email protected]

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, March 9th
Meet for the next walk in front of the Montavilla Community Center, at 8219 NE Glisan, to walk and share your thoughts on the 82nd Avenue of the Roses!

We can make a difference!